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Fishery Management of the Future
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Electronic monitoring is an effective tool to support fishery management, but...


AI.Fish offers two products supporting reduced costs and efficiency in electronic monitoring implementations.

Companies with review software and electronic monitoring equipment can integrate to our API to access automated annotation powered by computer vision analysis of video footage.

AI.Fish Software

Our AI Augmented, cloud-based, web application provides side-by-side review of annotations and electronic monitoring video footage.

Trip Management

Easily upload video footage for multiple trips and manage the processing and review from a simple, informative dashboard.
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Collaborative Review

Work collaboratively across review team members within trips with accurate reviewer updates visible in the trip dashboard.
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Accelerated Annotation

Quickly navigate through automated annotations and video footage to review species identification and fish counts.
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Downloadable Reports

When review is complete, download a summary of review results with a single click for record keeping and official reporting if required.
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Artificial-Intelligence-Assisted Data Management and Review Platform for Hawaii Longline Fisheries

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

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Operationalizing Machine Learning in Alaska’s Fixed Gear Electronic Monitoring Program

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

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SmartPass Algorithm Development and Edge Optimization (MVP)

Environmental Defense Fund

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Our team is motivated to solve problems with scale and global impact through computer vision approaches. We are always looking for new partnerships and challenges that require specialized expertise in object detection, classification, or tracking, EdgeAI, or custom AI augmented software applications. Our proven track record of commercial-ready implementations stands out in a market of empty promises.

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